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Abstract #0222

A GRANDIOSE sequence to time-lock BOLD and diffusion-weighted fMRI contrasts in humans using ultra-strong gradients and spirals

Suryanarayana Umesh Rudrapatna1, Lars Mueller1, Melissa Emily Wright1, Derek K Jones1, and Richard G Wise1

1CUBRIC, School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Diffusion-weighted fMRI (dfMRI) has been suggested to provide more direct and specific correlates to neuronal activation than BOLD fMRI. However, its underpinnings are debated. A sequence that captures BOLD and dfMRI contrasts simultaneously can play a vital role in elucidating the dfMRI contrast mechanisms. Hence, we developed a sequence that leverages the ultra-strong gradients for diffusion-weighting and spiral-in and spiral-out trajectories to acquire BOLD and dfMRI contrasts near-simultaneously. We demonstrate its functionality using visual stimulation in humans. This novel sequence enables a direct comparison between BOLD and dfMRI contrasts and offers new opportunities to improve our understanding of these contrasts.

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