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Abstract #0490

bSSFP vs SSFP acquisitions of 7Li MRI at 7T:  Comparison of sensitivity and quantification accuracy

Jacques Andrew Stout1, Franck Mauconduit1,2, Franz Hozer3,4, Arthur Coste1, Sandro Romanzetti5, Cécile Rabrait-Lerman1, Franck Bellivier4,6, Edouard Duchesnay1, and Fawzi Boumezbeur1

1CEA, NeuroSpin, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, 2Siemens Healthineers, Erlangen, Germany, 3Hôpital Fernand Widal, Paris, France, 4Hôpital Albert-Chenevier, Créteil, France, 5Neurology, RWTH Aachen University Hospital, Aachen, Germany, 6INSERM UMRS-1144, Hôpital Fernand Widal, Paris, France

3D 7Li SSFP and balanced SSFP approaches have been compared by acquiring both datasets from seven euthymic bipolar disorder (BD) patients at 7T. Quantification was performed using the phantom replacement approach accounting for global T1 and T2 relaxation effects. With both methods, heterogeneous brain Li distributions were observed with marked differences in the eyes notably. However, strong correlations between averaged apparent lithium concentrations could be established across all BD patients. While the bSSFP approach is a viable and practical option for 7Li MRI, a more realistic quantification pipeline should be considered in the future.

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