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Abstract #1663

MRI Relaxometry: Comparing R2* Values in Liver and Pancreas with respect to Disease Characteristics

Arthur Peter Wunderlich1,2, Stephan Kannengie├čer3, Lena Kneller1, Berthold Kiefer3, Holger Cario4, Meinrad Beer1, and Stefan Andreas Schmidt1

1Dept. for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Ulm University, Medical Center, Ulm, Germany, 2Section for Experimental Radiology, Ulm University, Medical Center, Ulm, Germany, 3Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany, 4Clinic for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Ulm University, Medical Center, Ulm, Germany

To study pancreatic iron accumulation in liver overloaded patients with respect to disease characteristics, 116 patients were investigated at 1.5 T MRI with a prototype breathhold 3D GRE protocol with in-line R2*calculation. Mean R2* values were determined in liver and pancreas by manually drawn ROIs. Pancreatic R2* values were correlated with liver R2* in patient subgroups according to transfusion frequency. Pancreatic R2* correlated significantly to liver R2* for sporadic or frequently transfused patients, was normal in patients requiring no transfusion, and elevated in most regular transfused patients. After bone marrow transplant, most patients showed only slightly raised pancreatic R2*.

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