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Abstract #2063

Acceleration of whole-heart coronary MR angiography using 3D non-selective bSSFP with Compressed SENSE

Kazuo Kodaira1, Nagao Michinobu2, Masami Yoneyama3, Isao Shiina1, Yasuhiro Goto1, Yoshihiro Ikeda1, Yutaka Hamatani1, Mamoru Takeyama1, Isao Tanaka1, and Shuji Sakai2

1Department of Radiological Services, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Tokyo, Japan, 2Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Tokyo, Japan, 3Philips Electronics Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Whole heart coronary magnetic resonance angiography (WHC-MRA) has a limitation of long scan time, which often causes degradation of image quality. 3D non-selective balanced TFE (bTFE) with shortening TR can reduce the scan time. However, it is yet not applied for WHC-MRA. Compressed SENSE (C-SENSE) is suitable for subjects with a high sparse such as vessels and biliary trees, and can accelerate the scan time of WHC-MRA while ensuring the image quality. We propose a new combination of 3D non-selective bTFE with C-SENSE for WHC-MRA, and examine the image quality and the scan time in comparison to the conventional methods.

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