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Abstract #2169

Optimization of cardiac functional MR imaging in rats. Image quality versus scan tolerance in sick animals

El-Sayed H Ibrahim1, Matthew Budde1, Dhiraj Baruah1, Anne Frei1, Rachel Schlaak1, Michael Flister1, and Carmen Bergom1

1Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, United States

Using MRI for studying cardiac function in rat models of radiation-therapy is important for better understanding of cardiotoxicity. In this study, we developed an optimized cardiac functional MRI protocol for rat imaging, and investigated the effects of changing imaging parameters on cardiac measurements. The results showed that blood-to-myocardium contrast-to-noise ratio in the cine images significantly affects ejection-fraction measurements, whereas reduced resolution has less effect on ejection-fraction. However, reduced resolution in the tagged images has significant effect on strain measurements, whereas tagline density has less effect, as long as sufficient resolution is maintained and more than one tagline intersects the myocardium.

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