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Abstract #3613

Characterising tissue heterogeneity in cerebral metastases using multi-shell multi-tissue constrained spherical deconvolution

Maxime Chamberland1, Najmus Sahar Iqbal1,2, Suryanarayana Umesh Rudrapatna1, Greg Parker1, Chantal M.W. Tax1, John Staffurth2,3, James Powell2, Richard Wise1, and Derek K. Jones1,4

1School of Psychology, Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2Velindre University NHS Trust, Velindre Cancer Centre, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 3Department of Cancer and Genetics, Cardiff University School of Medicine, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 4School of Psychology, Australian Catholic University, Victoria, Australia

Considerable attention has focused on characterizing brain tumours using diffusion tensor imaging, and only more recently using advanced modelling techniques. Building on the observation that metastatic tumors exhibit different signal intensities depending on their histological/cellular composition, we investigate how multi-shell multi-tissue constrained spherical deconvolution can characterise tissue heterogeneity within brain metastases.

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