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Abstract #4543

Dynamic streaking artifact regularization for QSM

Yongquan Ye1, Xueping Li2, Qinglei Zhang2, Fei Zhou2, Ming Li2, Zhao Qing2, Bing Zhang2, Shuheng Zhang3, Yanling Chen3, and Jinguang Zong3

1UIH America, Inc., Houston, TX, United States, 2Radiology, The affiliated Drum Tower hospital of Nanjing university medical school, Nanjing, China, 3United Imaging of Healthcare, Shanghai, China

We propose dynamically estimate, formulate and update the field components that are responsible for causing streaking artifact, as an additional regularization term for solving the QSM optimization problem. As a result, streaking artifacts arising from regions with highly disrupted local fields can be well suppressed, preventing them from spatially extending and affecting other regions of interest. The proposed method can maintain the accuracy of QSM results, and has the potential to be integrated into most QSM optimization algorithms.

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