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Abstract #0240

White matter tracts organization in patients with polymicrogyria and lissencephaly

Filippo Arrigoni1, Denis Peruzzo1, Simone Mandelstam2,3,4,5, Gabriele Amorosino1, Daniela Redaelli1, Romina Romaniello6, Richard Leventer2,3,4, Renato Borgatti6, Marc Seal2,4, and Joseph Yuan-Mou Yang2,3,4
1Neuroimaging Lab, Scientific Institute, IRCCS E. Medea, Bosisio Parini, Italy, 2Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Parkville, Australia, 3Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville, Australia, 4The University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia, 5The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Parkville, Australia, 6Scientific Institute, IRCCS E. Medea, Bosisio Parini, Italy

White matter (WM) tracts organization in 42 polymicrogyria (PMG) and 8 lissencephaly (LIS) patients were characterized using the tissue-specific Constrained Spherical Deconvolution modelling technique. Structural appearance of 9 major WM tracts were judged using fiber orientation distribution based direction-encoded color maps and probabilistic algorithm based tractography reconstructions. More abnormal-appearing WM tracts were identified in LIS compared to PMG. Degrees of superior longitudinal fasciculus and cingulum abnormalities were associated with PMG distribution and severity. Thickened superior fronto-occipital fasciculus was demonstrated in three patients. Patterns of WM tracts involvement were related to PMG and LIS distribution and subgroups.

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