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Abstract #0665

Accounting for B0 field-inhomogeneity-gradient induced dephasing in Cartesian and in time-resolved sequences.

Gilad Liberman1 and Kawin Setsompop1
1Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Charlestown, MA, United States

The spatial derivative of the field inhomogeneity acts as a gradient, inducing growing intravoxel dephasing along the acquisition time, resulting in blurring, void regions (“signal loss”) and artifacts. We tackle this issue through modelling and through Cartesian time-segmentation. We show that under typical settings, field inhomogeneity gradients cause significant artifact both through-plane and in-plane, and that these artifacts can be greatly mitigated with improved reconstruction at minimal computational cost. We formalize the description of the effects of these additional gradients in k-t space in temporal units, allowing for quick apprehension of the consequences to trajectory design and reconstruction approach.

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