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Abstract #0744

Impeded diffusion fraction model for multi-exponential DWI:  demonstration in kurtosis phantom and prostate cancer

Dariya Malyarenko1, Scott D Swanson1, and Thomas L Chenevert1
1University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Majority of current clinical MRI protocols continue to use DWI qualitatively, as an indicator of impeded diffusion evident from sustained signal at high b-values. Quantitative microenvironment description relying on multi-exponential diffusion models is precluded by required prolonged multi-b acquisition and high resolution/SNR not routinely achievable in clinical setting. This study presents a model based on multi-compartment formalism to quantify impeded diffusion fraction (IDF, of water coordinated by macromolecules) from conventional clinical DWI acquisition. The physical origin for IDF is verified using two-compartment diffusion kurtosis phantom, and application example is demonstrated for prostate cancer.

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