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Abstract #1128

Magneto-phosphenes in head-only gradient coils

Colin M McCurdy1, Amgad M Louka1, William B Handler1, and Blaine A Chronik1
1The xMR Labs, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Western University, London, ON, Canada

Magneto-phosphenes are caused by induced potentials in the retina, that result in visual stimulation, appearing as flashing lights. In the MR environment, magneto-phosphenes have been encountered with higher gradient strengths and longer slew times than are typically encountered in MRI. However, in a prototype head-only gradient coil we were able to repeatably induce magneto-phosphenes in four subjects. We then tested the effects of slew times, external light, and eye direction on the subject’s perception of magneto-phosphenes, finding that slew times had little effect but dimming lights and changing eye direction raised thresholds in most cases.

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