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Abstract #1445

Neurite density and myelination differences during normal aging assessed using multicomponent diffusion and relaxometry imaging

Wenshu Qian1, Nikkita Khattar1, Abinand C. Rejimon1, Mustapha Bouhrara 1, and Richard G. Spencer1
1National Institute on Aging, Baltimore, MD, United States

While sensitive to microstructural changes, conventional quantitative MR techniques, such as diffusion tensor imaging, are not specific to underlying physiological mechanisms. Advanced multi-shell diffusion and multicomponent relaxometry analyses have been shown to provide more specific insights regarding microstructural differences with age and disease. In this study, we combined our multicomponent relaxometry method for myelin mapping and the neurite orientation dispersion and density imaging (NODDI) method to investigate neurite myelination and density in a cohort of cognitively unimpaired participants. Quadratic relationships were observed between neurite density and myelination, and age, in critical brain regions.

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