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Abstract #1724

Radiomics approach in preoperative differentiation of prolactinoma and non-prolactinoma pituitary adenomas

Rushi Chen1, Yan Bai2, Mengke Wang2, Feng Qin2, Menghuan Zhang2, Xueping Zhang2, Shang Wang2, Yongchao Zhao2, Ting Fang2, Xinhui Wang2, Huan Zhao2, Li Mao3, Xiuli Li3, and Meiyun Wang2
1Henan provincial people's hospital& Zhengzhou University People’s Hospital, Zhengzhou, China, 2Henan provincial people's hospital, Zhengzhou, China, 3Deepwise AI Lab, Beijing, China

The primary treatment for prolactinomas is dopamine agonist, while transsphenoidal surgery is recommended as primary therapy for the non-prolactinomas. This study aimed to evaluate the radiomic model in the differentiation of prolactinoma from non-prolactinomas before surgery. Our results demonstrated that the eXtreme Gradient Boosting model based on 2264 radiomic features extracted from the original and preprocessed sagittal contrast-enhanced T1WI and coronal T2WI yielded the AUC value of 1.000 and 0.828 on the train set and test set, respectively. The radiomic model may have potential for differentiating the prolactinomas from non-prolactinomas, which may be beneficial to guide the treatment plan.

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