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Abstract #1832

In-vivo imaging of current induced magnetic fields during High Definition transcranial direct current stimulation (HD-tDCS)

Mayank A Jog1, Kay Jann1, Lirong Yan1, Chenyang Zhao1, Bhargavi Kannan1, and Danny JJ Wang1
1University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, United States

High-definition transcranial direct current stimulation (HD-tDCS) is an emerging neuromodulation technique that uses a multi-electrode montage to focally modulate regional brain activities. However, the effects of stimulation have been shown to be variable across subjects, and efforts to investigate this have been hampered by an inability to visualize the electric current distribution in-vivo. To address this, we developed a MR technique that maps the tDCS current induced magnetic fields in-vivo. The measured fields were robust (avg. ICC = 0.69) and show different hotspot-locations between subjects, potentially demonstrating the sensitivity of this technique to track individual differences in responses to HD-tDCS.

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