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Abstract #3860

R2’-mapping of baseline and visual stimulus states in the human brain using streamlined-qBOLD

Fatemehsadat Arzanforoosh1, Marion Smits1, and Esther AH Warnert 1
1Radiology and Nuclear medicine, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cerebral hypoxia occurs in a plethora of brain diseases, including stroke and brain tumor. This work provides a step towards a rapid, non-invasive imaging protocol for clinically feasible cerebral oxygenation mapping. In this study we use an asymmetric spin echo (ASE)-based streamlined-qBOLD (sq-BOLD) technique to non-invasively monitor hemodynamic properties of the brain in two states (baseline and activation). Our results show that, despite the low signal-to-noise ratios likely due to macroscopic magnetic field gradients (MFGs), sq-BOLD has the potential to measure changes in oxygen extraction fraction in the activated area.

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