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Spatiotemporal changes of optic radiation from 3-13 years: a diffusion tensor imaging study

Cong Tian1, Chao Jin1, Xingxing Tao1, Xianjun Li1, Miaomiao Wang1, Congcong Liu1, Yannan Cheng1, Fan Wu1, Yuli Zhang1, Mengxuan Li1, Xiaoyu Wang1, Peiyao Chen1, Huifang Zhao1, Xiaocheng Wei2, and Jian Yang1
1the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China, 2MR Research China, GE Healthcare, Xi’an, China

Optic radiations(OR), which connecting the lateral geniculate nuclei and visual cortex, plays a critical role in visual function. Detailing the maturation process of OR is helpful in understanding the visual development and identifying the abnormalities. Diffusion tensor imaging can quantify the brain white matter development. Using DTI-based automating fiber-tract quantification, this study explored the spatiotemporal OR changes in children aged 3-13 years. Results indicated that the anterior, middle, and posterior segments of OR showed asynchronous developmental patterns. Specifically, the mid-segment of OR presented more mature than the anterior segment, while right OR showed more extended mature than left OR.

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