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Abstract #0117

MRI of [2-13C]Lactate without J-coupling artifacts

Keshav Datta1 and Daniel Spielman1
1Department of Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

Metabolic imaging using hyperpolarized [2-13C]Pyruvate has the potential to simultaneously probe glycolysis and Kreb’s cycle, but one of its major limitations is the difficulty in imaging [2-13C]Lactate. The peak-splitting induced by the J-coupling between the C2 carbon and its attached proton causes ghosting and blurring artifacts, depending on the k-space trajectory. We propose two novel techniques, the first a two-shot approach combining in-phase and quadrature images acquired at echo times differing by 1/2J and the second a single-shot method employing a highly narrowband radiofrequency excitation pulse that images a single peak from the doublet, to resolve the J-modulated artifacts.

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