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Abstract #0432

fMRI connectivity mapping in the awake mouse brain reveals state-dependent network reconfiguration

Neha Atulkumar Singh1, Daniel Gutierrez-Barragan1, Elizabeth de Guzman1, Mauro Uboldi2, Ludovico Coletta1, and Alessandro Gozzi1
1Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Rovereto, Italy, 2Ugo Basile S.r.L., Gemonio, Italy

Resting state fMRI mapping in the mouse is typically carried out under light anesthesia, preventing a full characterization of how the ensuing functional architecture compares to awake conditions. Leveraging a novel protocol for fMRI connectivity mapping in awake mice, we provide a fine-grained description of the network structure and dynamic organization of brain-wide functional connectivity in this species. Notably, by comparing network features across brain states, we identify a robust set of state-dependent network changes, including a distinctive dynamic signature of consciousness. These results open the way to the implementation of awake rsfMRI in the mouse.

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