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Characterization of B1+ Field Variation at 3 Tesla in 373 Healthy Brains over the Lifespan

Thomas MacLennan1, Peter Seres1, Julia Rickard1, Emily Stolz1, Christian Beaulieu1, and Alan H. Wilman1
1Biomedical Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

To perform accurate T1 and T2 mapping, $$$B_1^+$$$ maps are usually required, but not always available. For these situations, a large dataset of $$$B_1^+$$$ maps may aid in predicting $$$B_1^+$$$. In this work, Bloch-Siegert $$$B_1^+$$$ maps in the brain are characterized from a dataset of 373 healthy participants on the same 3 T. After transforming all maps to the same standard space, we show that $$$B_1^+$$$ distribution is similar across subjects with a mean CoV of 3.65% across the whole brain; slight variations were found due to brain size, shape, CSF volume, head orientation and transmit power calibration.

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