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Abstract #0571

Salience network modulation leads a sequence of brain activity that causes resting-state fMRI correlations with EEG and physiological signals

Yameng Gu1, Feng Han1, Lucas Eugene Sainburg1, and Xiao Liu1
1Pennsylvania State Universitya, University Park, PA, United States

Correlations of resting-state fMRI (rsfMRI) with various neural and physiological signals have been observed and interpreted as distinct sources of contributions. Here, we found these rsfMRI-EEG and rsfMRI-physio correlations are similarly characterized by distinct network patterns at different time lags. A similar sequence of fMRI changes led by the salience network modulation is found in resting-state fMRI signals, and removing this sequence significantly diminished the rsfMRI-EEG and rsfMRI-physiology correlations. The results suggest that the rsfMRI correlations with the EEG alpha power and physiological signals originate from a sequence of brain dynamics led by salience network changes.

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