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Abstract #0847

Differences in distribution of MRI-based fat fraction in lower limb skeletal muscles of six different neuromuscular disorders

Harmen Reyngoudt1,2, Pierre-Yves Baudin1,2, Ericky C.A. Araujo1,2, Pierre G. Carlier3, and Benjamin Marty1,2
1NMR Laboratory, Neuromuscular Investigation Center, Institute of Myology, Paris, France, 2NMR Laboratory, CEA/DRF/IBFJ/MIRCen, Paris, France, 3CEA, DRF, Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot, Orsay, France

Quantitative MRI fat-water separation techniques such as Dixon are often used to evaluate disease progression in muscle of neuromuscular diseases. Although the mean fat fraction (FF) value per region of interest (ROI) is a valuable objective MRI biomarker, it does not reflect the variation of FF within this ROI. In this study we analyzed 6582 muscle ROIs in leg and thigh of 6 different neuromuscular diseases and analyzed, besides the mean FF, other statistical metrics such as median, standard deviation, kurtosis and skewness. The differences in FF distribution might reveal additional information about the individual patient’s disease evolution.

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