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Abstract #1486

Golden-Angle Radial CEST MR Fingerprinting with Temporal Compressed Sensing Reconstruction

Ouri Cohen1 and Ricardo Otazo1
1Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, United States

Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) is a novel imaging technique that is sensitive to metabolite concentrations at imaging resolutions in clinically relevant scan times. These features have generated much interest and applications of CEST in assessing disease pathologies, progression and therapeutic response are currently being explored. A quantitative framework for CEST based on MR Fingerprinting (MRF) was recently proposed using an EPI readout. Here we describe preliminary work to leverage the inherent B0 and motion robustness of radial imaging to develop a clinical golden-angle radial CEST-MRF that doesn't suffer from the classic EPI drawbacks.

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