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Development of an add-on 23Na MRI platform for an existing 1H MRI scanner using a crossband repeater: Proof-of-concept

Michiru Kajiwara1, Tomoyuki Haishi2,3, and Yasuhiko Terada1
1Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba, Japan, 2Department of Radiological Sciences, School of Health Sciences at Narita, International University of Health and Welfar, Narita, Japan, 3MRTechnology Inc., Tsukuba, Japan

23Na MRI provides novel information on energy metabolism, and there are growing expectations for its application in clinical MRI. However, implementation of 23Na MRI for existing 1H MRI systems requires expensive dedicated transceivers and RF coils for sodium imaging. Here, we have developed an add-on crossband repeater system that can acquire 23Na MRI signals simply by inserting it into the magnet’s bore of an existing 1H MRI, and proved this concept by phantom and in vivo mouse experiments. This add-on platform is applicable to other 1H MRI systems and will enhance the feasibility of 23Na MRI in clinical practice.

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