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Accelerated Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Model-inspired Deep Learning

Zi Wang1, Yihui Huang1, Zhangren Tu2, Di Guo2, Vladislav Orekhov3, and Xiaobo Qu1
1Department of Electronic Science, National Institute for Data Science in Health and Medicine, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China, 2School of Computer and Information Engineering, Xiamen University of Technology, Xiamen, China, 3Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an invaluable biophysical tool but often suffers from long measurement. Several methods have been established for spectra reconstruction from undersampled data, two of which are model-based optimization and data-driven deep learning. Combining the main merits of them, we present a model-inspired flexible deep learning framework, for reliable, robust, and ultra-fast spectra reconstruction. Besides, we demonstrate that the model-inspired network needs very few parameters and is not sensitive to training datasets, which greatly reduces the demand for memory footprints and can work effectively in a wide range of scenarios without re-training.

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