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Abstract #2101

High resolution of 4D flow MRI with joint 4D flow simulation to optimize magnetic resonance navigation of microrobots at the bifurcation.

Cyril Tous1, Ivan Dimov1, Ning Li1, Simon Lessard1, and Gilles Soulez1
1Radiology, Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC, Canada

4D flow MRI was used to evaluate flow patterns in 35 and 60 degree one bifurcation PVA phantoms (diameter: 4mm main branch, 3mm branches) with and without resistance in one branch. Multiple spatial resolutions were compared with ink injection and manual measurement for validation. Since computational flow models are frequently used in small vessels, 4D flow was compared with a model. Slow, turbulent flow in the outer side of the bifurcation created eddies where some microrobots get trapped. These eddies were quantitatively and qualitatively characterized with 4D flow. Spatial resolution impacts the accuracy of flow measurement at this scale.

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