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Abstract #2929

Functional MRI study of olfactory responses evoked by musk odor in the mouse whole brain under medetomidine anesthesia  

Yumiko Tsubakihara1, Mitsuhiro Takeda1, Sosuke Yoshinaga1, and Hiroaki Terasawa1
1Faculty of Life Sciences, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan

Muscone, a musk odorant component that attracts male mice, binds to olfactory receptors on the olfactory epithelium. Subsequently, activation signals are transferred from the receptors to the olfactory bulb, and then to the olfactory cortex and other brain regions. To detect such odor-evoked activation pathways associated with the perception of odorants and induced behaviors, we employed a method that combines periodic odor stimulation and independent component analysis. In this study, we used medetomidine as the anesthesic. Since medetomidine reportedly influences neural activity in a dose-dependent manner, we investigated the muscone-evoked activations at different levels of medetomidine anesthesia.

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