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Faster Bloch simulations and MR-STAT reconstructions on GPU using the Julia programming language

Oscar van der Heide1,2, Alessandro Sbrizzi1,2, and Cornelis van den Berg1
1Computational Imaging Group for MR Diagnostics and Therapy, Center for Image Sciences, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2Department of Radiology, Division of Imaging and Oncology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

MR-STAT is a multi-parametric quantitative MR framework with computationally demanding reconstructions. In this work we implemented the reconstruction algorithm on the GPU using the Julia programming language, a language that allows for quick prototyping without sacrificing on performance. We demonstrate superior runtime-performance of the GPU implementation as compared to previously proposed implementations running on a cluster of CPU's. With the proposed implementation, high-resolution in-vivo parameter maps can be reconstructed in approximately two minutes. The proposed implementation can also be used to rapidly generate MR Fingerprinting dictionaries and is shown to outperform the native CUDA implementation from SnapMRF.

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