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Abstract #3732

Non-Invasive Brain Metabolic and Cytometric Imaging: Insights from Activity MRI [aMRI]

Charles S. Springer1, Brendan Moloney1, Eric Baker1, Martin M. Pike1, and Xin Li1
1Advanced Imaging Research Center, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR, United States

The first aMRI [activity MRI] maps of the awake, heathy human brain are presented. They show differences in cell density [ρ (cells/μL)], average cell volume [V (pL)], and on-going metabolic activity among different brain tissues. Metabolic activity is represented by the mean steady-state cellular water efflux rate constant [kio], which reflects homeostatic cytolemmal Na+,K+-ATPase [NKA] enzymatic turnover. Cortical gray matter [GM] ρ is less than white matter [WM] ρ, while VGM > VWM. Most interesting is the quite large WM kio, 30 s-1. WM NKA activity per cell is considerably larger than in cortical GM.

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