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Quantitative Evaluation of Lumbar Bone Marrow Fat Content with Age,Gender and Body Mass Index by Using 3D mDixon Quant

Yu Song1, Qingwei qing Song2, Yingkun Guo1, Gang Ning1, Xuesheng Li1, and Yu Song3
1Department of Radiology, West China Second University Hospital, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China, 2Department of Radiology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Dalian, China, 3Department of Radiology, West China Second University, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

Bone marrow is the hematopoietic tissue in human body, the adult bone marrow is generally divided into yellow bone marrow and red bone marrow, is an important hematopoietic tissue and immune tissue, and adipose tissue is an important part of the medulla cavity[1]. Therefore, the changes of adipose tissue in bone marrow will directly affect the changes of bone marrow composition. 3D mDixon Quant technology is a new method for precise fat quantification developed by Philips. It automatically generates high-quality FF and T2 * mapping maps by multi-echo acquisition combined with 7 peak fat model and T2 * correction, so as to achieve accurate and rapid quantification of bone marrow fat content.

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