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Correlation of Soma and Neurite Density Imaging (SANDI) metrics with Allen Mouse Brain Atlas

Andrada Ianus1, Joana Carvalho1, Francisca F. Fernandes1, Renata Cruz1, Cristina Chavarrias1, Marco Palombo2,3,4, and Noam Shemesh1
1Champalimaud Research, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal, 2Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC), Dept of Computer Science, University College London, London, United Kingdom, 3Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC), School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 4School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom


Cross modal validation of micro-architectural features derived from diffusion MRI with contrast from other imaging modalities is critical for developing reliable imaging biomarkers. Here, we map apparent soma and neurite densities via the SANDI methodology in the in-vivo mouse brain at 9.4T and compared the derived metrics with the contrast from the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas which reflects cell body density in the brain. Our findings suggest that soma signal fraction correlates well with atlas intensities in different parts of the brain.

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