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Abstract #0389

A 3T/7T multiparametric protocol to characterize amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cervical spinal cord: benefits of ultra-high field MR imaging?

Samira Mchinda1,2,3, Rémi Dintrich1,2, Arnaud Le Troter1,2, Pini Lauriane1,2, Shahram Attarian4, Annie Vershueren4, and Virginie Callot1,2,3
1Aix-Marseille Univ, CNRS, CRMBM, Marseille, France, Marseille, France, 2APHM, Hopital Universitaire Timone, CEMEREM, Marseille, France, Marseille, France, 3iLab-Spine International Associated Laboratory, Marseille-Montreal, France-Canada, Marseille, France, 4APHM, Hôpital Universitaire Timone, Reference Center for Neuromuscular Disorders and ALS, Marseille, France, Marseille, France


With comparable acquisition times between 3T and 7T, 7T quantitative protocol offers better resolution and many opportunities to study regional impairments, especially in anterior gray matter subregions.

This preliminary study focused on ALS and age-matched healthy controls scanned at both 3T and 7T.

With the current postprocessing, abnormalities were mostly detected on the lower part of the cord (GM atrophy, WM/GM T1 impairments).

Future work will focus on longitudinal evolution and refined analysis to evaluate the sensitivity for prognostication and to determine individual topological evolution.

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