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Abstract #0585

Automatic detection of spatio-temporal patterns of interictal epileptic activity with fMRI

Cristina Tobías1, Eneko Uruñuela1, Vicente Ferrer-Gallardo1, Hannah Goldberg2, Christine Engelman2, Mark Lowe2, Stephen E. Jones2, and César Caballero-Gaudes1
1Signal Processing in Neuroimaging, Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language, San Sebastián, Spain, 2Imaging Institute, Cleveland Clinic, OH, USA., Cleveland, OH, United States


We propose a novel methodology to identify spatio-temporal patterns of interictal epileptic activity in refractory epileptic patients using only BOLD functional MRI. It is based on clustering the activity-inducing signal deconvolved from the fMRI data with the Infomap algorithm. The proposed approach was validated on data acquired during a finger tapping task, and evaluated in four epileptic patients scanned at 7T. This method obtained activation maps that were concordant with the results obtained with EEG-informed GLM and MEG-based dipole source localization in 3 out of 4 patients, demonstrating its potential for mapping epileptic activity based only on fMRI data.

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