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Abstract #1121

Derivation of clinically significant low-frequency oscillations in resting-state BOLD fMRI data as a novel marker of endothelial dysfunction

James Thomas1, Peter Jezzard1, and Alastair Webb1
1University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom


We tested whether clinically-relevant, vascular-origin low frequency oscillations (LFOs) in 0.05–0.15 Hz could be derived on routinely-acquired resting-state BOLD-fMRI to determine their potential as a marker of vascular dysfunction in cerebral small vessel disease. Our case control study in 840 UK Biobank participants showed a statistically significant increase in LFOs in the arterial vessels of participants with high white matter hyperintensities, consistent with greater transmission of arterial blood pressure to the cerebral circulation in subjects with increased arterial stiffness. LFOs could provide a practical measure, applicable to large datasets and clinical practice, as an index of intracerebral vascular dysfunction.

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