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Abstract #1980

Erwin - a quantitative MRI toolbox

Julien Lamy1, Mary Mondino1, and Paulo Loureiro de Sousa1
1ICube, Université de Strasbourg-CNRS, Strasbourg, France


Erwin is an open-source Python toolbox dedicated to the computation of quantitative maps from MRI data. It provides a unified interface, through either its Python API or its command-line tool, to well-known qMRI methods (e.g. B1 mapping using Actual Flip Angle (AFI) or T1 mapping using Variable Flip Angle (VFA)) and external toolboxes (e.g. MRtrix or MEDI). Erwin also provides tools to create complex pipelines where the dependencies between steps are tracked: a change in a source image or a method parameter will only trigger the recomputation of a minimal set of subsequent steps.

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