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Abstract #2111

CBV-Based fMRI at 3T with SS-SI-VASO: Multi-Echo DEPICTING vs Multi-Echo EPI

Ratnamanjuri Devi1, Toralf Mildner1, Torsten Schlumm1, and Harald E. Möller1
1Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany


ME-DEPICTING, a 2D multi-echo readout achieving short echo times was combined with SS-SI-VASO for simultaneous CBV and BOLD measurements at 3T. Results were compared with a traditional ME-EPI readout. Uncorrected time courses of the first echo of ME-DEPICTING demonstrated high sensitivity to functional CBV changes without further BOLD correction, while time courses of S0 and R2* of the multi-echo fit proved almost equivalent for both readouts. Remarkably, a TE dependence was observed in the BOLD-corrected VASO signals obtained by dynamic division with the corresponding control images of VASO indicating a more reliable CBV measure from the S0 fit.

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