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Abstract #2237

Numerical simulation of wave propagation through interfaces using the eXtended FEM for MR elastography

Quanshangze DU1, Simon Auguste LAMBERT2, Nahiène HAMILA3, and Aline BEL-BRUNON1
1Univ Lyon, INSA Lyon, CNRS, LaMCoS, UMR5259, 69621 Villeurbanne, France, 2Université de Lyon, INSA Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, CNRS, Ampère UMR5005, Villeurbanne, France, 3ENI Brest, UMR CNRS 6027, IRDL, F-29200 Brest, France


The finite element method (FEM) is widely used for modeling wave propagation and stiffness reconstruction in magnetic resonance elastography (MRE). However, it is not that efficient for modeling inclusions with complex interfaces. Here, we propose a formulation of FEM known as the eXtended FEM (XFEM), and investigate this method in two studies: wave propagation across an oblique linear interface and stiffness reconstruction of a random-shape inclusion. XFEM results present good agreement with the theoretical predictions and FEM simulation results. XFEM can be regarded as an ideal alternative to FEM for inclusion modeling in MRE.

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