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Abstract #2416

Qualitative assessment of Ex-vivo Manganese-Enhanced MRI of gyrencephalic brains

Nathalie Just1, Martine Batailler2, Jean-Philippe Dubois2, and Martine Migaud2
1DRCMR, Copenhagen University Hospital - Amager and Hvidovre, Hvidovre, Denmark, 2INRAE, Nouzilly, France


In-vivo Manganese-Enhanced MRI (MEMRI) studies have shown important potential in rodents for the delineation of cytoarchitectural brain features and of functional details. Ex-vivo MEMRI on the other hand offers the possibility to investigate brain microstructure and function with improved spatial resolution and no motion artefacts. Here, ex-vivo lamb brains were immersed in a highly concentrated MnCl2 solution for a month and revealed interesting cytoarchitectural features already 24 hours after immersion and up to 3 months after the end of immersion on MPRAGE images at 3T. A novel ex-vivo MEMRI approach is proposed, which could benefit MEMRI translation to human studies.

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