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Abstract #2539

Suppression of extracranial lipids in short TE STEAM of the human brain at 7T with an external crusher coil

Evita Wiegers1, Alex Bhogal1, Sarah Jacobs1, Mark Gosselink1, Jeanine Prompers1, and Dennis Klomp1
1Radiology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands


Short TE STEAM is an appealing MRS sequence especially for the quantification of low-concentration J-coupled spin systems. However, in comparison to sLASER, STEAM is associated with larger chemical shift displacement errors in all three directions. With an inhomogeneous B1+-field, slice profiles degrade, resulting in artefacts from extracranial lipids. Here we demonstrate that lipid artefacts can be removed through the use of an external crusher coil. Without use of the crusher coil, large extracranial lipid artefacts are present when selecting a large voxel. Upon activation of the crusher coil, these signals are eliminated, yielding 1H spectra free of large baseline distortions.

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