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Abstract #3325

Improved Fidelity for Resting-State Connectivity Measurements in High-Spatial-Resolution ME-fMRI on a Compact 3T Scanner

Daehun Kang1, Myung-Ho In1, Maria A Halverson1, Nolan K Meyer1, Erin M Gray1, Thomas K Foo2, Radhika Madhavan2, Zaki Ahmed1, Hang Joon Jo3, Brice Fernandez4, David F Black1, Kirk M Welker1, Joshua D Trzasko1, John Huston, III1, Matt A Bernstein1, and Yunhong Shu1
1Department of Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States, 2GE Global Research, Niskayuna, NY, United States, 3Department of Physiology, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of, 4GE Healthcare, Buc, France


Through echo-combination, multi-echo echo-planar-imaging (ME-EPI) has shown improved performance for fMRI over single-echo (SE)-EPI. The high-performance gradients on a compact 3T scanner enable whole-brain high-spatial-resolution ME-EPI with reasonable echo times and comparable TR to SE-EPI. To evaluate the fidelity of the ME-EPI sequence in resting state fMRI and compare with that of SE-EPI sequence, seed-based and ICA-based functional connectivity (FC) analyses were applied to evaluate scan-time-dependency and accuracy improvement. ME-EPI extracted more and stronger FCs in seed-based connectivity analysis and produced higher sensitivity and accuracy in ICA-based method, compared to SE-EPI.

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