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Abstract #1004

Arterial Spin Labeling Measurement of Arterial Perfusion Territories Using a Localized Labeling RF Coil

Paiva F, Nascimento G, Tannus A, Silva A
National Institutes of Health, Universidade de Sao Paulo

Arterial perfusion territories of major cerebral feeding arteries were acquired with high SNR using a three coil system comprised of a homogeneous volume excitation coil, a receive-only quadrature surface coil and a localized labeling coil. Vessel selectivity was achieved by utilizing oblique labeling planes while exploring the limited spatial coverage of the labeling coil. Perfusion territory maps of both left and right common carotid arteries, as well as of the vertebral arteries, were acquired. The method described allows use of different angles of labeling to evaluate perfusion territories including those from arteries that are not uniquely accessible.