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Abstract #1180

Comparison of Delayed Contrast-Enhanced Viability Imaging at 1.5T and 3T: Initial Experience

Syed M, Sharma P, Oshinski J
Emory University

This invesitigation focuses on comparing delayed enhancement imaging at 3T with traditional methods performed at 1.5T. We intended to study the feasibility and image quality of the technique, and outline the potential benefits garnered by the application of higher field strengths. We found that, in general, higher infarct tissue SNR is achieved at 3T, improving infarct-to-remote myocardium image contrast. There was also a marginal benefit in blood-to-infarct contrast. Albeit one case with significant T2* dephasing in the infarct region, we conclude that 3T delayed enhancement imaging may provide increased infarct delineation afforded by improved SNR and CNR.