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Abstract #1453

Direct evidence that activating the interleukin 1 type I receptor enhances ischemic brain damage

Lazovic J, Basu A, Rothstein R, Levison S, Smith M
California Institute of Technology

Recovery from ischemic brain damage is affected by many variables including neuroinflammation. We used a model of hypoxia-ischemia (H/I) to establish whether the IL-1 type 1 Receptor (IL-1R1) is necessary for IL-1 to exacerbate brain damage. MRI was used to examine the extent of injury prior to and after addition of IL-1 following H/I. WT animals injected with IL-1 two days following H/I had an 8% increased volume of the hyperintense T2-signal at 7 days compared to 24 h. In contrast, the volume of the hyperintense T2-signal was 5% reduced in IL-1R1 null animals at 7 days following H/I.