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Abstract #1467

Comparison of cerebral blood flow estimates in the ischemic area of rat brain obtained with dynamic susceptibility contrast and continuous arterial spin labeling

Ibaraki M, Chen G, Kanno I, Kagaya R, Nakamura K, Kondoh Y, Kershaw J
Akita Res Inst of Brain and Vessels

The maximum value of the logarithmic signal ratio (max&[Delta]R2*) in DSC is occasionally used as an indicator of the CBF in the rat brain. A comparison of the CBF indicated by continuous arterial spin labeling (CASL) and max&[Delta]R2* was performed in the ischemic rat brain. When the estimated CBF values were lower than 50% of the normal level, the ischemic brain area estimated from the max&[Delta]R2* method was significantly smaller than that obtained with the CASL method (p<0.05). This study indicates that the CBF estimated with DSC may be overestimated in ischemic brain areas.