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Abstract #1468

Quantitative T2* measurements of fetal brain oxygenation during hypoxia with MRI at 3T: Correlation with blood gas analyses

Wedegrtner U, Priest A, Kooijman H, Tchirikov M, Schrder H, Adam G
University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

OLD might be an important tool to detect and monitor the fetus at risk, which is still a major problem in obstetrics. But MRI delivers only arbitrary units of the signal intensities. Quantitative multiecho-sequences allow the determination of absolute MRI values (T2 and T2* relaxation times). The purpose of this study is the determination of oxygen saturation in the fetal brain during hypoxia by T2* measurements and comparison with fetal blood gas analysis. There is a reasonable correlation between SO2 measured from MRI and determined by fetal blood samples. MRI thus has potential to assess fetal cerebral oxygen saturation non-invasively.