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Abstract #1487

Aggregation-Induced Reduction in T2 Relaxation Time of MR Visible Lipids Observed in Ischemic Rat Brain

Lei H, Wei L
Wuhan Institute of Physics & Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1MR visible lipids (MRVL) have been associated with inflammatory responses and apoptosis. Quantification of MRVL, however, can be complicated by the facts that different MRVL species could have different T2 and T2 of MRVL could change with disease evolution. In vivo 1H MRS was used to monitor temporal changes of MRVL and their apparent T2 in a rat model of transient focal ischemia. The results show that apparent T2 of the MRVL in the ischemic lesion decreases as the lesion matures, having a time course that coincides with that of the increases in amount and size of the lipid droplets.