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Abstract #1782

Brain tumour diagnosis and prognosis by in vivo 1H MRS and ex vivo metabolomic and genomic data. A prospective study as part of eTUMOUR (FP6-2002-LSH503094)

Martinez-Bisbal C, Monleon D, Martinez-Granados B, Esteve V, Piero-Sagredo E, Ferrer-Luna R, Mata M, Piquer J, Marti-Bonmati L, Celda B
Universitat de Valencia

There is a great need to improve our understanding of brain tumour biology to improve diagnosis and to develop new treatments. The purpose of this communication is to check the complementarity between in vivo 1H MRS and ex vivo metabolomic and transcriptomic data for a better diagnosis and prognosis of brain tumour, using the multi-center protocols provided in the LSH-FP6 european project eTUMOUR. Our results demonstrate the viability of a extensive characterization of brain tumour biopsies by spectroscopic and genomic tools. In addition, comparative analysis of in vivo 1H-MRS and HRMAS data have been useful for a better identification of in vivo spectra and, therefore, for an improved brain tumour classification. This analysis provided brain tumour classifiers for in vivo and ex vivo MR data. Particular attention has been focused in the metabolomic and phenotypic differences between glioblastomas with different survival time, short as primary and longer as secondary glioblastoma.