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Abstract #1783

In vivo MRS metabolic profiles of human brain metastases from different primary cancers

Sjbakk T, Johansen R, Bathen T, Kvistad K, Sonnewald U, Lundgren S, Gribbestad I
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

In vivo single volume 1H MR spectra (3T) were obtained from brain metastases in patients with primary breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer and malignant melanoma. The MR spectra are dominated of signals from lipids and choline compounds. The spectra were analyzed by principal component analysis, and a trend of clustering dependent on origin of brain metastasis was observed. The metabolic profile of the metastases thus contains information related to its origin. The tumour biology, including MRS determined metabolic profiles, might be valuable clinical information when planning the treatment of brain metastases, and also when deciding to terminate further therapies.