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Abstract #1784

Sequential MRSI and DWI Study for Early Assessment of Response of Breast Cancer to Neo-adjuvant Chemotherapy: A Pilot Study

Jagannathan N, Danishad K, Seenu V, Roell S, Vorbuchner M
All India Institute of Medical Sciences

MRSI and DW-MR imaging were carried out in breast cancer patients prior to neo-adjuvant chemotherapy and after first and third cycle of NACT. After I NACT, significant decrease in choline SNR and an increase in ADC were observed in responders. Choline SNR decreased marginally or increased in non-responders. After III NACT, reduction/absence of choline was observed and ADC further increased in responders. Inhibition of tumor proliferation by chemotherapy caused reduction in choline SNR, while reduction in increases the ADC. The study demonstrates that both MRSI and can be to evaluate the early response of breast cancer