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Abstract #1785

Simultaneous Detection of Choline and Other Metabolites using SEE-SelMQC for Spectroscopic Imaging of Human Breast Cancer

Zhou X, He Q
University of Illinois Medical Center, University of Illinois Medical Center

A Spin Echo Enhanced Selective Multiple Quantum Coherence transfer (SEE-SelMQC) technique has been implemented on a GE 3T clinical scanner and successfully demonstrated for multiple metabolite detection. The method is capable of simultaneous choline and lactate/PUFAs detection in extracranial human tissues containing high concentration of fat. The excellent lipid and water suppression afforded by SEE-SelMQC is used to remove the baseline artifacts often observed in breast MRS detection of choline. Three-dimensional multiple metabolite imaging is possible in combination with spatial-spectral Sel-MQC methods and fast imaging k-space mapping to localize breast lesions in vivo.