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Abstract #1786

MR-determined metabolic phenotype of breast cancer predicts lymphatic spread, grade and hormone status

Bathen T, Jensen L, Sitter B, Fjsne H, Halgunset J, Lundgren S, Axelson D, Gribbestad I

MR spectroscopy describes the biochemical properties of breast cancer. We analysed tumour tissue from patients diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma grade I, II, and III by HR MAS MRS. Multivariate models relating spectral data to tumour grade, lymphatic spread and hormonal status were designed by application of various multivariate methods. Validation of training results and testing on blind samples gave optimistic results. The tumour biology of the individual patients disease is becoming an important factor to consider when choosing treatment for breast cancer, and MR determined metabolic phenotype may have a future role as a supplement for clinical decision making.